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At Angles, we believe that no specific service or retail design can equally satisfy all of our customers. As a result, any individual joining the Angles network is free to express their own entrepreneurial spirit, while drawing upon the strength and experience of a first class organization. With this type of organizational structure, we believe that each of our salons can offer the customer personalized service found only in a small business; yet they can enjoy the benefits of a large corporate network.

Regardless of design, all of our stores share a common goal: to bring the highest quality service and experience to the customer while continuing to be a leader in our industry. Angles always strives to develop close and positive relationships with all of our partners and employees; in return we expect all of our partners and employees to strive to have the same relationship with their customers.

If you are a progressive and motivated salon owner, or individual, we invite you to inquire further about our partnership program.

If you are interested in finding out more information please contact us via email at

Partner with us!

Angles is looking to help progressive and motivated salon owners succeed in their entrepreneurial journeys. We invite you to inquire further about our partnership program. Learn more >